Washington Post: Bilderberg Chair Étienne Davignon a “Conspiracy Buff”


Jurriaan Maessen
June 2, 2012

The Washington Post featured an article today titled “Is Bilderberg a conference on world affairs or a powerful global cabal? Depends on who you ask“.

The asserted contradiction in the headline is actually a paradox- a supposed contradiction, while in fact Bilderberg is both of course. Yes, by all accounts it is a conference on world affairs- and yes, its core members form a powerful global cabal. So to suggest it’s either one or the other is ludicrously naive or staggeringly misleading. A common mistake. Either way, the contradiction breaks up as soon as it’s been written down.

The article, obviously put together in a hurry, is riddled with statements that reveal a hand writing its first piece on Bilderberg. The most profound mistake in the article must the following one:

Over the years, conspiracy buffs have embraced notions such as…

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