Driving through life

“Low Self-Esteem Is Like Driving Through Life With Your Hand-Break On” – Maxwell Maltz


From time to time in our lives, we may feel bad about ourselves for some reason or another. Maybe things aren’t going the way we hoped, and it brings us down. However, we should not make a pattern of harboring bad feelings toward ourselves, as it will affect us immensely in the long run.

Because since the beginning of time, everything meaningful that has ever been done by a human being has been done by a human with a brain. Some of those brains have had to work very hard to get past other people’s justifications for their inadequacy in order to achieve what they wanted to achieve. Every single brain that didn’t manage to get past their self-inflicted justifications failed to achieve what they desired in life, and were mostly lost in history. They likely didn’t lead very happy lives, though some of them found happiness even in a simple, “normal” life. But they first accepted their own limitations, and then let go of them. They didn’t wallow over them. They didn’t reach out to them to explain every difficulty they had in life.

But they definitely saw past their own limitations, and decided to focus on what they could do, instead of wasting effort on what they felt they couldn’t do.

If we don’t take care of ourselves and feel good, it can stop us from going out and exploring the world. Maybe we won’t fight for a promotion, or take part in an adventure that gets us out of our comfort zone. This is why we should focus on having healthy self-esteem – the rest of our lives depend on it.

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